Let’s do lunch.

Since school’s back in session, I’m going to start sharing some lunch box ideas.  Don’t worry, I’ll be back with a dinner recipe tomorrow.

Sandwiches are a lunch box staple.  Why not shake it up a bit?  Here are some sandwich ideas that are worth getting excited about.

Preschooler Bento #34: June 26, 2008

One easy swap is the bread.  Instead of sandwich bread try tortillas.  Stack them (like you see above) and make it even more fun by using cookie cutters to make shapes.  Or fill it and roll the tortilla up.

Pita pockets are also a great sandwich maker.  Fill up the pocket with things you would normally put in a sandwich – chicken salad works especially well.

Crescent rolls are another option.  Bake a few the night before with dinner and save some for lunch boxes the next day.  Ham and cheese would be a perfect pairing.

Finally, mini bagels.  Not only are they mini and the perfect size for a lunch box but they’re portion controlled.  Bagels aren’t just for breakfast.

Now for the fillings.  Turkey and cheese, peanut butter and jelly – those are usual sandwich fillings.  Try mixing up the combinations.

Roast beef and cheddar.  Smoked turkey with Swiss cheese.  Add some fun spreads, too.  Turkey and jelly goes perfect together (think Thanksgiving – cranberries and turkey).  Or cream cheese mixed with salsa to make it interesting.

Add some texture to PB&J sandwiches.  Add in some sunflower seeds for crunch or raisins for a little chew.  Instead of the “J” add real fruit:  pear slices or banana slices.

The possibilities are endless!


Photo and ideas from http://wendolonia.com/blog/



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